Conference program

Thursday, 2 November

1a. Relics, Saints and Imagination
Aki Arponen: Relic and Saint’s Body – Do They Match?
Georges Kazan: Piecing Together the past: the Relics of St John the Baptist
Sofia Lahti: Depicting Present and Absent Objects: Images of Reliquaries in the Medieval North

1b. Suffering Bodies
Jenni Kuuliala: The Infirm Saint and the Construction of Holiness
Sini Mikkola: The Suffering Male Body in Martin Luther’s Construction of the Christian Man
Gábor Klaniczay: Stigmata – the Bodily Hermeneutics of Christ’s Passion
Igor Mikeshin: “My power is made perfect in weakness”: Spatial Discipline for Addicted Bodies in the Russian Baptist Rehab

2a. Picturing the Christian Body
Oleksandr Okhrimenko: Man’s Body in Medieval ‘Cosmography’ from the National Library of Ukraine
Teemu Immonen: The Prison of Flesh: Re-imagining the Christian Body in Romanesque Pictorial Hagiography
Edward M. Schoolman: Reimagining and Writing on the Bodies: Tombs and their Inscriptions in the Early Medieval Italy
Katja Fält: Hybrids, Monsters and Other Creatures – Imaginary Bodies and Ambiguous Embodiment in Finnish Late Medieval Wall Paintings

2b. Christian Conceptualizations of the Body
Jussi Junni: Body in Alexandrian Theology
Nevena Dimitrova: Reimagining the Body. Nemesius of Emessa and Gregory of Nyssa
Visa Helenius: Leibniz on Human Body: One Philosophical Application of Christianity
Risto Räty: Health Reform and the Body

Friday, 3 November

3a. Healing, Prayer and Representations of the Body
Verena Linder-Spohn: Sinner and Saint: Imaginations of the Christian Body and the Commitment to Christian Values in the Late Medieval Gebet vom Leben der Heiligen Elisabeth
Judit Kis-Halas: “Send your golden heart to the Heavenly Treasury” Ideas of the Christian Body in a Contemporary Scene of Religious Healing
Minna Opas: Prayer, Corporeality and Denominationalism in Amazonia

3b. Politics of the Christian Body
Teemu Korpijärvi: “…they placed a priest Hartwig, a colleague of the Brothers of the Militia, upon an extremely fat ox, for he was equally fat.” Corporealness and the Body in the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia, and the Livonian Rhymed Chronicle
Reima Välimäki: Body and Heresy in Moneta of Cremona’s Adversus Catharos et Valdenses (ca. 1240)
Helena Queirós: Female Body Representations and Practices in XVIIIth Century Portuguese Devote Biographies

4a. Corporeal Souls and Spiritual Bodies? Christian Views on the Body
Kristýna Zoé Syrová: The Fluid Body: Medieval Irish Thoughts on Shape-Shifting
Katja Ritari: Earthly Bodies and Spiritual Souls in Early Medieval Ireland
Jesse Keskiaho: Corporeal Souls and Apparition Bodies in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
Marika Räsänen: Imagining the Saint’s Bodily Presence in Liturgy

4b. Ritual Imaginations of Bodies, Souls and the Transcendent
Nathanael J. Homewood: To Deliver is To Know: Pentecostal Epistemologies of Body and Spirit
Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir and Ali Qadir: Home and Journey in Embodied Experiences of Eastern Liturgy
Laura Hellsten: The Porous Body as a Key for Theological Imagination of Dance